Where The River Breaks Free

by A Minor Bird

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released April 17, 2010



all rights reserved


A Minor Bird Canton, Ohio

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Track Name: Rising Moon
Rising moon

Moonlight kiss the rays
Goodnight now to their place
Blushes sinks and slips
Step inside sunkissed

Beauty fades like the day
Wrinkle clad, this has been's had
Oh, to remember what's covered in shade
Breathe alas as you breathe your last

And all we have is you
And all you have is love
And all that love can be
You are to me, you are to me

No more fear again

And I was made to be loved by you
I was made to love you too
Track Name: World of You
World of you

What's this talk about broken glass going into your skin
What's this talk about cutting out the pain?
You can't do it that way.

I've seen the damage that you've done and I can't bare it anymore

You don't have to hurt yourself for me to tell you that I love you.
You don't have to bleed my child to make me proud.
You don't have to earn a thing I already think the world of you.

You say that it's to prove to yourself that you're ok
Standards we set for ourselves sometimes get in our way

I've tried to make it clear that you're the one I hold so dear

I already think the world of you
Track Name: Ask The Clock
Ask the clock

I heard tonight you sweetly whisper in my ear
What was so vague you made it clear
Tonight my wandering spirit turns to you

I heard tonight the meaning of my emptiness
Your words so simple give me rest
You gaze into my eyes
Sing love sing sleep

Ask the clock it always will have it's way
All that's left is memories made
And now I count all the times
You could have been mine

With one single point you drove it
I'll light up in your dark
I'll hug your heavy heart

My heart is at peace chasing the one who made me
I've chased them all I've chased them twice I've missed the mark, fell in the dark. Now I know I'm home

I heard tonight there's still a lot that i must learn
A lot I must give in return
Your wondrous love it beckons me to give
Track Name: The Yellow Room
Get in the car
We're leavin for some place safe
Places I remember pass by
And People you used to talk to
They lied

It's easy to lie when you're underneath a sheet
But you can't hide from the eye that never sleeps
And it leaks out the walls like a poison, I am creeping like a shadow of rest, undetected in my house, in my bedroom
Break out of this cage.
Track Name: Fortress
Conquer the world with an army, would you
Sing me a lullaby I won't forget?
Make all eyes turn with your beauty, would you
Make life a gamble and win every bet?
Never Forget, win every bet.

And nothing can compare
A gift of love, oh, so rare
I could decline or make it mine.

And oh, vanity it seems
I'll build myself all that I need
And when my fortress is complete
Jesus still knocks, can I come and eat?
And oh, the guilt it comes around
Voices scream loud
You're a disgrace
And oh, the tears are welling up
I cannot bear to look in your face

Once in a triumphant moment,
All of these things are put to shame
Once in a triumphant moment,
All of things are washed away.

And nothing can compare
A gift of love, oh, so rare
I won't decline, I'll make it mine.
Track Name: Occurrence at The Well
Occurrence at the well

Oh I can't wake up without a sense of urgency.
Wondering why you came,
Wondering if you'll stay.
And it's not alright,
You came without an invite.
You said you knew me well
You knew me better than myself.

And oh my God, I swear that I don't know what you want.
But one look and clarity floods the gates.

And the river breaks free,
Sweeps me off my feet, carries me off to the sea
And I can finally feel the waves.
And I'll look up in the sky, and I'll soak up all the life/light
For the very first time.
I finally saw the Sun.
I caught a glimpse of your heart.
And now the whole has found it's part.

And you brought me out, from my grave, from myself.
And you sought me out, yea you found me at the well.
I had drawn up sand for the last time
And now you offered me a drink.